Want More From Your Text Editor?

Iron is a next generation text editor built on 3D game engine technology. Designed to help you get more done.


Iron Is Based On Three Simple Ideas:


✓ Programming should be fun.

Remember, all work and no play…

✓ 3D is simply better. Period.

Hanging onto the past, is just that.

✓ Your editor choice matters.

      Be Empowered. Inspired. Unstoppable.



Unprecedented flexibility puts you in control. Select exactly the text you want.

Use the Sticky Selection feature to edit in any combination, or edit all selections at once.

Fast File Loading

No more waiting on your editor, regardless of file size.

Iron smokes the competition, loading a 650MB, 6 million line text file in just 0.6 seconds.

Multi-Pane Editing

Flexible file access so you can work the way you want.

Iron opens separate working windows on your file. See them side-by-side and edit each independently.

Animation & Sound

Navigate quickly with smooth, responsive 3D transitions and audio cues.

Iron communicates in new, intuitive and fun ways to support your success.

Re-Imagined Workspace

Environment impacts your mindset, your creativity and enjoyment.

Iron’s development path includes custom themes, skins and sound for you to personalize your workspace.

For work or play

Prepare yourself for an amazing editing session everyday.

It’s time your editor do more than just capture code.


✓ Iron’s Beta Release Features

Command Palette

Ultra-Fast Find-in-Files


Large File Handling

Virtual Space Editing


⌛ Future Development

Cross platform

International Language

Fuzzy Search

Window Docking & Resizing


Build Your Project. Not Your Editor.