This page contains instructions for:

  • Purchasing your subscription
  • Activating your subscription
  • Activation issues
  • Recovering your order confirmation
  • Accessing your SendOwl account
  • Updating your payment method
  • Cancelling subscription
  • Reactivating subscription
  • If your email address changes
  • Displaying and updating your subscriber email
  • Contacting Us

Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.

Clifford Stoll

Astronomer, author and teacher, and investigator who led to the capture of hacker Markus Hess, detailed in his book The Cuckoo's Egg.


Purchasing Your Subscription

You may begin your  subscription purchase from inside of Iron or from our website. Each of these methods link to SendOwl, our secure payment processor, where you make your purchase.

Purchases may be made using either credit card or PayPal.  Click either the credit card icon or the PayPal icon, submit the required information and click “Pay” to complete your order.


Once your order is complete you will receive two emails. One will be the Sales Receipt and the other is your Order Confirmation.

Your Order Confirmation contains information critical for using and managing your subscription. Keep it for future reference.


Hint… Search your email Inbox for “Iron Subscription Key” to locate your Order Confirmation.


Should you need a replacement, see Recovering Your Order Confirmation, below.


Activating Your Subscription

After completing your subscription order, an Order Confirmation will be emailed to the email address used for the purchase. The Order Confirmation contains three items necessary to activate your subscription: Subscriber Name, Subscriber Email and the Iron Subscription Key. Copy and paste each of these items into the Activation Dialog in Iron. Verify you have an internet connection and click  “Activate”. Iron will contact our servers and activate your subscription.



Activation Issues

Activation failures have three general causes: authorization and verification issues, payment issues and network connection issues.

Authorization and Verification Issues. For successful activation and verification of your subscription, the Subscriber Name, Subscriber Email and Iron Subscription Key must be entered into the Iron Activation Dialog exactly as displayed on your original order. To avoid typos, we highly recommend copying this information directly from your order confirmation email and pasting it into the Iron dialog.

To receive a replacement copy of your original order confirmation, see the section Recovering Order Confirmation below.

This subscription key allows you to activate up to three (3) installations of Iron for your personal use. Attempting to activate additional installations will result in activation failure. If you believe your subscription key has been compromised, please contact us immediately.

Payment Issues. Activation will fail if problems arise with your payment method. Common causes are issues with credit card expiration dates, fraud protection freezes and credit card balance issues. After confirming with your financial institution that your payment method is current and working, log into your SendOwl account (see below) and confirm that your payment method is entered correctly.

Network Connection Issues.  You must be connected to the internet to download Iron and to activate your subscription. Once your subscription is activated only a periodic internet connection is needed. This allows you to work offline for for up to one month at a time if needed.  Iron periodically attempts to connect to our servers to validate your subscription. After 30 days with no successful validation, Iron will begin reminding you with increasing frequency  to connect to the internet so it may validate; after 60 days subscription services are interrupted. With continued internet denial Iron will operate, but in the non-subscribed state until an internet connection is provided and validation occurs.


Recovering Your Order Confirmation

Upon completing the subscription process an Order Confirmation is sent to the email address used to place the order. The Order Confirmation contains the Subscriber Name, Subscriber Email and Iron Subscription Key, all of which are necessary to activate your subscription.

To receive a replacement of your original Order Confirmation, follow this link and enter the email address used in your original subscription order:


Accessing Your SendOwl Account

SendOwl processes all DarkViking Software payments. This link allows you to access your SendOwl account:

If this is the first time accessing your account, you will not have a password. To create a password, enter the email used in your original subscription order and then click “Forgot password”. Follow the directions in the email you receive to reset (in this case, create) your password, and then log into your SendOwl account.

In order to receive the email to reset your password, the email address you enter into the Customer Login dialog  must match the email address used to create the original subscription. If you do not know the original email locate it on the Order Confirmation sent when you subscribed. It is also possible to view the Subscriber Email in Iron if your installation is currently activating successfully. See Displaying & Updating Your Subscriber Email, below.


Updating Your Payment Method

Once logged into your SendOwl account your orders will be listed. Locate your subscription and click “manage”.

The Edit Subscription page will open: click “replace card” and follow the instructions.



Cancelling Subscription

Log into your SendOwl account, see Accessing Your SendOwl Account above. Your orders will be listed. Locate your subscription and click “manage”. The Edit Subscription page will open: click “cancel subscription”. An email will be sent confirming the cancellation.


Reactivating Subscription

Your subscription cancellation email contains a link to reactivate your subscription. Alternatively, log into your SendOwl account, see Accessing Your SendOwl Account above. Your orders will be listed. Locate your subscription and click “reactivate subscription”.


If Your Email Address Changes

Your email address is critical to managing your subscription, both for your access and for us to contact you in the event of an issue. It is important to contact us if your email changes, especially if it is no longer in use.

To update your email address, send your original Order Confirmation (see above to obtain a replacement), along with your new email address to:

After receiving email confirmation that the change has been made, update your email address in Iron. See Displaying & Updating Your Subscriber Email, below.

Displaying & Updating Your Subscriber Email

As explained above, the Subscriber Email address used during the subscription process must match the email address entered in the Iron Subscription Activation dialog for Iron to Activate.

Changing the email address in Iron without notifying us to update your account will result in Activation Failure.

If your email address has changed, DO NOT update the email address in the Iron Subscription Activation dialog until after submitting your new email address as described in If Your Email Address Changes, above. Only then update Iron with your new email address.

To display the Subscriber Email, the email address used in your original subscription order, open an installation of Iron that has previously been activated with your Iron Subscription Key and click the menu item: Help|Activate Subscription.

Note that if your installation of Iron is currently not activating, it is possible that the displayed Subscriber Email is incorrect. If you have contacted us with an email change, and received confirmation that your email has been updated, make the appropriate changes in the Activation Dialog, confirm your Subscriber Name, Subscriber Email and Iron Subscription Key are correct and click “Activate”.

If the information matches that on our servers, Iron will activate.

If the activation fails, see the Activation Issues section above.


Contacting Us

If you need additional help, email us at