Welcome to Iron!

Thank you for joining us and taking “Iron” on a test drive during. We look forward to your input, feedback, critiques and new ideas as we continue to define and design Iron’s Re-Imagined Workspace.

Our goal is to make text editors that leverages the power of 3D graphics to create a more enjoyable programming experience. Our intention is to offer quick and easy editing capability for those learning to code, a more robust feature set for intermediate programmers, and high-performance, customizable features for professional developers.

Let’s get you started…


Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs

Getting Started
Here are few of the very basics:

  1.  Explore Iron using the menu system. Iron offers many of the editing features found in other legacy editors. The menu system will help you with the default key bindings. And the menu contains links to Help and other online documentation.
  1.  To close this file, or any other, type Ctrl+Shift+C. To re-open this file, click on the file tab at the right side of the “pane.”
  1.  To create a new file, type Ctrl+N. The first line of text will determine the file name until you Rename the file with Ctrl+R at which point you may  save it to a directory of your choice.
  1.  To open an existing file, type Ctrl+O. All of these file utilities are available under the menu system’s File drop-down menu.
  1.  To quit Iron, type Alt+X or Alt+F4.
  1.  The Escape key Esc cancels most everything in Iron (including selections). Type Ctrl+Z to undo text and selection changes and Ctrl+Shift+Z to redo them.

We encourage you to try out Iron’s Virtual Space Editing mode and tap into the power of column and line multi-selections. And for those looking for editing proficiency “outside the normal box”,  cytotec prix tunisie follow url kevin jonas danielle viagra go to link reword essay software watch https://www.lapressclub.org/hypothesis/aoc-speech/29/ pillole viagra immagini buon follow link https://servingourchildrendc.org/format/androgynous-man-essay/28/ click here https://homemods.org/usc/essay-on-elderly-people/46/ https://online.bentley.edu/medschool/kamagra-online-store/10/ how to write a discussion section of a research paper dog dosage of prednisone gay marriage essay outline do you have to pay for viagra critical thinking meaning viagra qld snort viagra high essayer au passe compose define null hypothesis in research sample phd thesis template latex go to site watch thesis printing berlin follow site phd thesis on terrorism essayiste dfinition on essay scholarships lumbar spondylolisthesis physiotherapy exercises ankoro viagra for women Iron Profession Mode will change the way experienced programmers manipulate their source code. Using Iron Pro mode and Sticky Selections may take some time to get comfortable with, however we believe the benefits are well worth the effort.

Try things out and then tailor Iron to match your preferences. We offer softer transitions, experimental audio cues, animated notifications, positive feedback for all actions, clear type fonts, color and animation (flying text) and have many more 3D graphical capabilities in the works.

Under Development
Iron is a fully-functional editor that we use exclusively for our own development. It is easily customized (key bindings, menus, syntax highlighting, scopes and colors) and fun to use.

However, Iron is also very much “under development” with many features only partially implemented, not yet present at all (such a regular expression searches) or in an experimental state (e.g the Command Palette and the mouse interface).

Our Re-Imagined Workspace leverages video game-like interaction, and while being a serious source code editor for professionals, is a new direction for development tools. While perhaps  unconventional, we are already demonstrating significant benefits  and performance gains using this technology. We fully intend to have Iron be a game changer and need your real-world use and feedback to help us develop this new environment.

Here are a few things to watch out for in this beta:

  1.  Selecting text with the mouse defines a column or line selection and uses the Escape key ESC to cancel. This will be replaced with “stream selections” and word/context selections as most programmers are use to. To date, we have focused on the keyboard interface and have expended almost no effort beyond an experimental mouse interface.
  1.  Column selections in Traditional Mode are not yet consistently “sticky.” For example, when having selected a column, the Backspace and Delete to their action but then the column selection reverts to a bare caret when the column selection should still be active with one less character on each line. Column selections should be sticky (present) until canceled with the Escape key.
  1.  Stream selections, once they overlap, should merge — this is not yet implemented. Column and lines selections are designed to overlap and not merge.
  1.  Iron currently supports ASCII-only. Full UTF-8 support is just around the corner.
  1.  The smooth scrolling centering feature is currently disabled. In other words, when Iron jumps to a new location in the file (using Page Down, Find, etc) that is off the screen, it should quickly, smoothly scroll to place the current line of text at the center of the pane. However, it incorrectly places the text at the top or the bottom of the caret box.
  1.  Some minimum editing features you’d expect that are not yet implemented in Iron:

   –   Regular expression searches
   –   Fuzzy search and project pane file loading
   –   Search in reverse
   –   Mouse selection (as done in Windows and other editors)

  1.  Iron is a Virtual Space Editor at heart and originally offered only “sticky” column and line selections. Sticky selections are only canceled with the Escape key ESC thus the caret can be moved without having to hold the Shift key. “Stream” or standard selections as found in other editors and operating systems is new to Iron hence there are likely to be fine-editing quirks. There are definitely issues with stream style multi-selections that will be addressed soon.

For more info, see the Support documentation for Known Issues and Not Yet Implemented.

Tester Feedback
Iron is in the early stages of development. We need your feedback to help us clarify Iron’s design and feature set. We invite your expert help, opinions, insights and great ideas. Please tell us what you like and what doesn’t work for you. Don’t hold back, just be real and be fair.

Our desire is to step beyond traditional, boring “1984” text editors with a new look, new feel and an environment that is fun, engaging and easy to use. Help make Iron your favorite editor  with the features you want and a look and feel you love.

For all feedback on Iron Beta 00, please sign up and contribute to Iron’s Forum.


 Please make suggestions on any topic. Our features are admittedly under-developed, not entirely complete in some cases and/or in an experimental state. If you find issues, small or large, or have a brainstorm for the super-perfect, ultra-magical feature, please let us know. We need your help to improve Iron and understand its shortcomings, how to build on its untapped potential and understand where unseen advantages lie. Your expert input is critical.

And let us know what you like, what excites you, what inspires you and what feature you’d like to have the most. To hear that Iron is cool, meets a need you have, is an editor you want to show others — that really encourages and inspires us!

We have a huge pile of features planned but need your input to help us prioritize what to focus on first, what will enable you to move fastest and be a better programmer.

Thank you!